Berlin · concert · Live Recording





Dear Reader,

This weekend I’ll play two concerts. On Friday I am off to Hameln to play the Freiraum there. I am totally looking forward to be there. Plus, I’ll be bringing little Loki with me.

On Saturday, I’ll be back in Berlin to play a concert at the first and one and only Ramones Museum in Berlin!!

This is a special show because of two facts. First one being Rich and Hadl to accompany me on some of the new songs. So, this is the first Zeki Min show, where you can enjoy the existence of drums and bass during a live concert! Secondly, the whole show will be filmed and recorded. It’s gonna be part of a greater project that I’ll unveil during the next weeks. I would be very happy to have you there. Actually, you cannot go wrong coming to the Museum, as the place alone is worth the trip! Ah, and the concert will be for free, so I can’t think of one single reason to not be there on Saturday, hehe.



– Zeki Min



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