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Recording Is Finished & The New Look

DSC02764Dear Reader,

Right at the time when I finished the recording of my upcoming debut “MAJESTIC”, I also gave my website a new look. I hope you like the summery colors. I also think it’s much clearer now, with more things on first sight. PLUS, I also added a small music player, where you can listen to my music. The first song on it is “Wherever You May Roam” from the new album. It took me quite a while to get all these things done, as I was doing it on my own, and I am totally unexperienced when it comes to website configurations, or whatever the correct term for this may be.

Hadl and me spent the Thursday evening re-listening to the eleven songs of the album, making notes and doing some minor mastering tricks. I am so damn happy with the outcome of the record and would like to thank Hadl so much, for putting so much work and time into this piece of music.

I will be receiving the wave files soonish and send them to my label.

Ah, and you can now also subscribe to this website via email. It won’t be as annoying as your Facebook updates as I only post about once per week.

So, I am happy and hope you are, too!!!

– Zeki Min



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