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Berlin – Schokoladen & Berlin – Ramones Museum


Dear Reader,

Fabi and me played our last show of our little four-concert tour on Wednesday in Berlin. It was surprisingly crowded and the atmosphere was great, not only for a Wednesday night in Berlin. I love the Schokoladen and hope to be back soon to play or watch a show there! I said see-you-soon to Fabi, which was kinda sad. We had such great days together and need to do that again some time!

Here are some photos of the night:

“Julia, Hadl and me posing in front of the Schokoladen” 


“Fabi a.k.a. THE TRUTH” I miss you already!!!DSC03466

“The Sky seen from the Schokoladen”DSC03459

“Laaaaaas, Julia and Franzi Quatsching”DSC03463

“Sarah, Steffi and a really good friend of Sarah’s Quatsching”DSC03458

“THE TRUTH’s Favorite Guitar”DSC03446

After the show, on our way home, our subway stopped due to some people running on the tracks in the underground. The electricity got shut off. Maybe those were the graffiti gangs down there. I love the way Berlin’s subway and S-Bahn trains are becoming more colorful again!!

On the next day, I made Julia sing on one of the songs of my album. I think it sounds really great!


Last but not least, I am filming a live concert for a special video!!! We are filming a concert on the 15.03. at the RAMONES – MUSEUM in Berlin. The show starts at 20h. Of course, it’s a free show as always and I hope you come by! It’s gonna be a fun night, as I’ll be playing some songs with Rich and Hadl, and maybe some other special guests.

Ah, and I got two shows confirmed for England, which means, I am going to London and Swindon I’m April. I am really psyched and looking forward to seeing the UK again!!

So, that’s it for now, but that’s quite a bit, I guess.

Thanks for reading and stopping by,

– Zeki Min


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