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Magdeburg, Emden And Kassel – Searching For THE TRUTH


Dear Reader,

Here is my little diary of the four days and four nights with Mr. Fabi, aka THE TRUTH ( We had the idea of playing some shows together, and so we did. Funnily, we only actually met on Thursday, the day of our departure to Magdeburg. However, from the first moment, it was just great to have Fabi (and Pia, bis dog) by my side. We just started talking and that’s what we more or less did until we arrived back in Berlin on Sunday. But I am moving too quickly.

Our drive to Magdeburg went by so fast. First we drove by his mother’s place to leave Pia there. Arriving at the “Nachdenker” in Magdeburg, Joe and his companions were really nice to us. Both of us were starving, but we had to start playing very soon, so we weren’t able to grab any food before the show.DSC03355We both weren’t at our best, but that’s OK. And I think Fabi played a really good set and I really like the way he plays his bluesy rock tunes and sings to them. For me it was the first time seeing him live. I hope some of the people at the “Nachdenker” also had a good time like us. It was great to see Andi and his friends again. Thank you so much for coming out!

After the show, we both ordered a pizza. It was the best thing to get something into our bellies after quite a while.

Fabi and me were totally tired, and so we headed to his mum’s place to get some sleep.

This is the view outside the window in the morning:DSC03430

On the next day, we drove to Emden. But on our way, we made a quick stop at my mum’s place to eat a bowl of Korean noodles.


Arriving in Emden, Sascha was already putting up the PA for the show at the “Grusewsky”. It was great seeing him again after half a year, I guess. This evening Fabi and me played a way better show than the day before. Again, I really loved the set of THE TRUTH! It was way more powerful and soulful than yesterday. Plus, I understood a lot more of the lyrics. When I played, it just seemed appropriate to climb some benches by the stage to start the show and sing without the microphone. During the show, I went back and forth between singing with or without microphone. This show was just very different from yesterday’s show. Both of us seemed to have much more energy in Emden. I am going to be back in Emden in July. I hope to be playing the show together with Sascha’s band, THE BARROOM HEROES!! 

Thank you so much Sascha, Hakan and his antipasti and everyone of Sascha’s band and everyone else who came out and spent one unforgettable evening with us!!!

These are our comfy beds:DSC03371

On the next day, after a beautiful breakfast and before our ride to Kassel, we drove by the harbour of Emden, called “Delft”. Plus, we walked by the Otto-Hus and then said: “Goodbye, Emden.”

DSC03372 DSC03374

Camera 360

When we arrived in Kassel at Nicola’s and Pelle’s place, they were already decorating for the evening. Actually, they were making a beautiful place even more beautiful. I just can’t say how much I love to come to Kassel and visit my friends there. It’s cool to also play a show, however, the greatest thing is to see Nicola, Pelle and everyone else!!!DSC03379DSC03380

Eva, a friend of Pelle and Nicola was also celebrating her birthday that night, so there quite a lot people in that wonderful new flat. And each and every person was nice and funny! We had an awesome time!

We also played a concert, yeah we did. THE TRUTH played acoustically for the first time. Again, it was totally different from the other two nights, but incredibly good! Today you could understand each and every word. It was just a very great show and an amazing night. Jupp also recorded the whole show. We’ll see if the “material” we produced is usable. Here are some impressions of the concert and the night:

“Comfy Seats and Origami”DSC03393

“The Thinker”DSC03394

“The Gathering of the Smokers in the Kitchen”DSC03400

“Vinyl and Origami”DSC03405


“The Stage”DSC03414


“The Gathering of The Smokers Pt. II”DSC03385

“Traffic Lights Tea”DSC03388

On the next morning we had a wonderful vegan breakfast with Nikki and Pelletier, prepared some food for the road and went off back to Berlin. It’s always sad to say goodbye, however, I will be back in July as well! Maybe playing some grass roof in Kassel. Wherever, I hope some of the very nice people who were there this night will show up again. It was just so great! DSC03424DSC03425

Arriving back in Berlin, it was time to say goodbye to Fabi. It was a wonderful long weekend we spent together and a great pleasure for me to share the stage with such a wonderful musician. I hope to hear a lot from him in the future. This Wednesday we are playing in Berlin at the Schokoladen in Mitte. You just gotta come out and have a good time with us! So, all you Berliners, don’t be lazy this Wednesday, jump up that sofa, let’s live it up, go out and smash it, like oh my god!!

– Zeki Min


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