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More Photos From The Münster-Trip

Here are some more photos I’ve taken during my stay in Münster. It was a very great weekend! Now I am tired and wanna go to sleep…

“Searchin’ for Boy Dylon”

Camera 360

“A visit to Green Hell”Camera 360

“Girl Group”Camera 360

“Vegan döner by Krawummel”Camera 360

“Jelena and da le Beuf”DSC02576

“Marvin and me”DSC02586

“Le Beuf and me”DSC02600

“Party at the Baracke”DSC02607

“Misty Buefmastah”DSC02609

“Da Mäx”DSC02628

“Affenmesserkampf in füll effect”DSC02667

“Hunnes, live”DSC02694


“Six feet under the table”DSC02717

“Sweetest bee of Münster”DSC02722

“Prof. Dr. Beuf”DSC02724

Good night,



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