Where is Da Sultan? – A Night in Münster


Dear Readers,
This is a photo taken in Berlin and it has absolutely nothing to do with Münster, but I took it yesterday, so why not, right?
When I arrived in Münster after a quick five hour drive, Yelena and Büffel were already there. As we were kind of hungry, we went straight to the krawummel, a cool vegan place located close to the SpeCops-Cafe. The food and the talk was great, and I could really use these twenty minutes of chilling time!
Back at the cafe the show was so, so much fun! Due to my friend Marvin bringing some good buddies of him, the tiny dark back room of the SpeCops was nicely filled. I had the feeling most of us there had a good time, smiling a lot and at least once because of the Sultan! Who da Sultan? Yeah, da Sultan, aka. Marius Münster is a nice fella who also came to the concert, singing along, clapping and having a good time. Or at least so it seemed.. After half of the set, he said he wants to get a drink and just disappeared. Kind of like the story of the twenty-years married husband disappeared, when getting a pack of smokes. I actually think it’s kind of sad, as I’d like to have talked to you after the show, or in between, or during the songs. Sultan, I hope you are fine and don’t feel offended by anyone!
After the concert, we went to another, a real concert at the Baracke. The place was damn crowded with punks but we only caught the last of the five bands. Hysterese played good old punk, and I really dig it!

After this concert, there was a nice party with the good old, bad songs and there was a lot of dancing going on. Damn, I really like Münster and I am looking forward to tomorrow, to seeing Affenmesserkampf and maybe Idle Class. I don’t know if I can really make two concerts again..

A big thank you to Marvin, all his friends, Büffel and Yelena, and everyone else who came out yesterday, it was so much fun and really means so much to me!!! Thank you!
Ah, and last but not least, thank you, Mr Sultan!
Today I am gonna enjoy a nice day of doing nothing in Münster, maybe returning to the krawummel for a snack or two. Hope to be back soonish when my album is finished.
Zeki Min


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