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Recording, Concerts And The Last Hornet

Hi There,

I am in the midst of recording my first solo album. Hadl and me try to use every free minute that both of us share to record guitars and vocals. I thank Hadl so much for doing this, as I know it’s very exhausting to record an album while having a full-time job… At the moment we are doing guitars and I hope we’ll be done next week. Next up will be the singing.
I am so damn curious how it will work out when it’s all done!!!

Of course, I am playing some shows as well. Tomorrow I am off to Münster. I’ll be playing the SpecOps which is one of my top three cafes in the world. I am so looking forward to going to Münster again, it’s been too long.

Plus, during my stay in Greifswald, I took some photos of the very last hornet this year. It was sitting on a quay by the sea. Take a look:

DSC02114 DSC02115 DSC02116 DSC02117 DSC02118 DSC02119


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