First Show And A Misspelling

Dear Reader,
Yesterday I played my first show under my “new” name. Here is the poster, can you spot the mistake?

I think it’s not gonna be the last misspelling of my name. Haha.
The show was really great! Andi invited Jake Bellows and me to Magdeburg on a Monday, which is not the best day for concerts. Still, there were about 20 people who showed up and I think most of them did not regret coming out, including myself.
I had a really great time and it was so good meeting Jake. Julia, Jake and me could have talked the whole night through or so it seems.
I hope we’ll stay in touch and next year play a show in Berlin as well!
Andi, thank you so, so much for inviting me, plus to all your friends making it to the project7 on a rainy Monday night!
Hope to be back soonish with my new album.
Big hug,


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