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Studio Day Two and Another Show

Dear You,

Yesterday Rich, Hadl and me recorded the last four songs with a full band for the album. Next week I’ll be meeting up with Hadl to record additional vocals and four more songs. I am so curious about the come out!

At the moment I am thinking about how to put the album. I don’t know yet if I can afford a vinyl LP or if it will just be a CD-digipak. I have some nice ideas for covers, yeah in plural, but I just don’t know yet. I’ll let you know as soon as anything new comes to my mind.


Concertwise, I am playing six shows this December. And I’m especially looking forward to teaming up with Chris Stumfol again!!!

09.12.13 Magdeburg – P7

13.12.13 Münster – SpecOps

20.12.13 Berlin – Ramones Museum (free show) w/ Stumfol

21.12.13 Arpke – Jugendtreff Hinterhof /w Stumfol

22.12.13 Hamburg – Linker Laden w/ Stumfol

23.12.13 Wassenberg – Bucanero w/ Stumfol


I really hope to see you there!

Best regards, Zeki Min



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