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Studio – Day One







Dear Reader,

Today Hadl, Rich and me spent our first day in Rich’s studio. We had a really great time. In about three hours recording time we recorded three songs. It was all live even the lyrics and I am kind of curious how it all will turn out. We are going to meet and record some more songs next weekend. I am already looking forward to that. 

Here are some photos of our studio time: 

First Rule: Never go to the studio without your Sovtek mig60. Never! 




Rich putting up the microphone for singing. I was singing from a small chamber but had eye-contact with the others which is great. Throughout the whole recording I wasn’t using headphones. I’ve never done that in a studio before but it felt great! 


Hadl rocking out! DSC02247

Rich cheating, as always! DSC02252


It was great fun! 

Zeki Min 


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