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Seattle And Vancouver And Recording In November

Dear Reader,

We’ve been sorting things out for the recording next month. So, it’s really gonna happen on two weekends and I am quite psyched! I am so looking forward to recording with Rich and Hadl!

Here are some photos taken in Seattle and Vancouver. As I said, Seattle, besides Ebbets Field and Filson, is not really worth the trip. Vancouver however is a quite beautiful and relaxed city. The people were also really nice, open and helpful. We had a great stay there!

Please enjoy the photos:

DSC01742 DSC01745 DSC01752 DSC01779 DSC01782 DSC01783 DSC01786 DSC01828 DSC01834 DSC01839 DSC01840 DSC01849 DSC01851 DSC01869 DSC01874 DSC01885 DSC01890 DSC01936 DSC01941 DSC01958 DSC01969

zeki – look mum, no hands!



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