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Little Christmas Tour

Dear Reader,

I am planning a short trip with Chris Stumfol. By now we are going to play in Berlin and Arpke. Hopefully we can add another show on Sunday in Hamburg to the small tour.

In November I am planning on recording an album. So, I won’t plan any shows there. However, I’m trying to get some more shows for December done. In the new year, I’ll be touring with the new album. Oh, how I am looking forward to it!!!

So here are the two confirmed shows by now. I am so happy to play at the Ramones Museum as it is one of the best places to be in Berlin. Plus, the shows there are always free of charge. The Hinterhof Juz in Arpke is an incredible place as well. I had some of the best shows there.

20.12. Berlin – Ramones Museum (free show)

21.12. Arpke – Juz Hinterhof


See you soon,




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