In Your Hands

Dear You,

The last concerts went pretty well, I think. At least I had a great time with THE KID IN US and ELWAY! Today I am leaving to Braunschweig to play at the Café Riptide. And man, I am looking forward to that!

Ah, and by the way, THE DRIFTWOOD FAIRYTALES have the whole new album up for a pre-listen:


Please feel free to take a listen. And as you know, we are not that kind of band that has a bis machinery behind it. So, if you like the record, we really need you to tell your friends about it. That’s the only advertisement we’re gonna get, though it is the best kind I can imagine! Please post the link to your friends if you like our songs, tell your buddies at work about us, call your mum and dad that we have a new record out, and when you write your worst enemies a final “fuck off”- letter include a recommendation of our new record! Seriously, we would really appreciate you to tell your buds about THE DRIFTWOOD FAIRYTALES and our new record PHANTOMS which is out by the middle of October.

I hope it is not too much to ask for but that’s just how things are. See you soon anywhere at concerts or anything. That would be awesome!!!

Hugs and kisses,





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