A Tour, Kind Of…

Dear friends,

This week I play some more concerts in Germany which almost make a short tour.

I start this Sunday with THE KID IN US in Berlin at the Cortina Bob. Be there early because the show starts at 18h. That’s why it is called Matinee which is French and has a meaning, I’m sure…

Then on Wednesday, LOOK MUM, NO HANDS! pays a visit to the Cassiopeia and is really happy to open the evening for ELWAY. They are not a well-known band I guess, but everyone into THE MENZINGERS and stuff should be there to check them out!! I saw Tim at the Ramones Museum with NOTHINGTON and he definitely saved the evening!!

On Friday I am leaving this city to Braunschweig where I’ll reside at the Café RIPTIDE. This is an incredibly beautiful place for everyone liking music and café as it is a record store plus a small café. I can’t think of a better record store.  And the good thing is that André and Chris also have a label that puts out THE DRIFTWOOD FAIRYTALES`new record PHANTOMS on blue vinyl!!

By the way, we have a new song up here:


And we are on tour here:


And of course you can like us here:


Hope to see you soonish!






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