Last Day And Coming Home

Dear you!
I wanted to give you one final update of the Russian tour diary.
The last concert together with No Guts No Glory was so much fun! I wish those guys all the best on their tour!
After sleeping two hours that night, I had to catch my early morning flight to Berlin. Arriving in Berlin, I had three hours to rest before leaving to Münster where THE DRIFTWOOD FAIRYTALES played a show in one of my favorite places, the Specops! The show there went pretty well.
The next day we played at the Abi-Festival in Lingen. We were lucky with the weather but after our show it started to rain.


The festival was well-organized and my amp was tied to a small driving thing to make the change of bands as quick as possible.



It was great playing together with the band again! I had a really great time!
Right after playing I went to my parents’ place in Bremen. And here I am now taking some time off and doing nothing. This is the sunset from the veranda.


I wanna thank everybody in Russia who made this incredible journey possible! This was an experience I will never forget, and I hope to be coming back soon.
Thank you so, so much for reading this! See you soon!
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