From The Rooftops Of Sankt Petersburg


Dear you,
Today I left the house kind a late, I was just at the flat reading and enjoyed that pretty much.
However, as I had a show this evening, I got all my things together and went into the city. The metro in Russia is soooo incredibly loud. It is almost impossible to talk to someone during the ride. As I was on my own, I thought some music would be cool to drown that disturbing screaming of the subway. I had to turn the volume up all the way and still there it was the cries of all the suicidal souls who killed themselves in the metro. They are obviously never allowed to leave this place ever again. Petty sad, huh? Yeah, I think so, too.
When I got to the city centre, I ate at the Krishna place for the fourth time of my stay. Next to it, there is a small veggie grocery store and I bought some vegan salami there. It is actually pretty delicious.


Then I walked to the Produktiy where I met Mitja. It was so damn nice seeing him again after I think 4 years! The show there went pretty well though I had the feeling the two showless days made me lose it a little bit. But during the set I felt better and it was ok I guess. That is the problem with playing all on your own. You always gotta make it work somehow. I have the greatest respect for everyone doing that full on every single day! I don’t know how that is physically possible.
After the show, we went to a roof to enjoy the beautiful sight of one of the extremely slow sunsets of Pieter. They call it white nights, as the sunset takes almost 3 hours and it is dark only for a very short time.


Friends of Dima also brought blankets and it was a great way of letting this day go, there on the roof.


All the Russians drank some more beer and vodka, and both of them mixed. Of course, it was a Wednesday! Here are some impressions.




I really enjoyed the time, but we had to go home because Dima has to get up early tomorrow to get the No Guts, No Glory guys, and Anna and Sveta have to work.
Thank you all for a beautiful evening in Pieter!


Good night!
Coming up is the second show in Sankt Petersburg together with No Guts, No Glory. I am looking forward to seeing them!
So long,


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