Hey you,
No, I am not back in Berlin! This is St. Petersburg, or Pieter, how a lot of the people here call it. And it is crazy how different it feels from Moscow right away. I can’t make out what it exactly is, but the people seem more relaxed and chilled here. Yet again, the metro is loud as hell!
Dima picked me up from the train station. Dima, I can’t really put into words how much it means to me that you brought me here! And as you may not like the Pfefferminz I brought you that much, I don’t really know how to thank you, Hehe.
Dima brought me to Anna’s and Sveta’s really cool flat, where I am staying for the days here. It’s soooo cool to just be in one place for more than just some hours!
Dima and me brought my bags home and together with Anna they walked me around the city for the rest of the day.


After eating some great and inexpensive veggie food at the Krishna place, we saw some of the more touristy sights of Pieter like the Hermitage.


We were totally lucky with the weather, as they told me rain is a frequent visitor in this city. However, I haven’t had any rain during the whole tour, so I can’t say I worry much about the weather.


With Anna and Dima we also went to a place called New Holland. I understood that there are artist showing their work, and you can also hang around and sit on the grass. I didn’t fully grasp the idea of it, but it was great hanging in the sun and just doing nothing but talking.


The city is so incredibly beautiful that you sometimes don’t know where to look. I wonder if inhabitants of beautiful cities like this still see how cool some things are? Or are you just so trapped in the things you have to do all the time, that your mind isn’t open for such beauty anymore? I don’t know, really.
On our way through the city centre, we also found those funny bears.


Each country in the world had one bear painted by one native artist. The German one looked maybe the most stupid of them all, so I simply forgot to take a photo, sorry!
However, I photographed something that hopefully makes up for it! They really have matroshkas here with the German chancellorette!


Orders can be placed via email!
The German influence here is pretty material, as for example cars, that were to be sent to heaven in Germany, are revived here.


I think it is pretty cool that they get a second chance here. Actually, I don’t know what is more crazy, to throw things away, when they are still working alright, or to use them until they literally fall apart?
Whatever, on Wednesday, I am playing my next show here, in this very city. The location has been changed from Kopen to Produktiy.
Closing this way too short article about an incredible city, I gotta thank Anna and Sveta for taking as much of their time as possible for showing me around before and after working! I really appreciate that!


Coming up is the story of the first show in Pieter and some more sights of this city.
See you tomorrow,


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