Another Moscow Trip


Dear you,
After a quite long day at the festival, Misha brought us to the airport of Perm. Misha, I would like to thank you so very much for doing all this! Hope to see you soon. Wherever.
When we flew in to Moscow, Marat, a good friend of Dima let us sleep at his place. Thank you very much buddy! After 26 hours of uptime, we really needed that 3 hours of sleep.


When we arrived at the club there were already a lot of punk kids waiting for Engage at will and Komatoes. I was so happy to be able to see them again after the festival yesterday.

You all need to check out those two bands from St. Petersburg. Komatoes is very likely to be my favorite band from Russia by now and yet again they played an incredible set at the Chocolate Factory!


In the picture you can see their invincible guitar player Nicolai. He is the shit!
After the show we went directly to the train station to catch our night train to St. Pete. I am so looking forward to seeing that city and staying in one place longer than just some hours.
Some of the stations in Moscow are truly amazing.


At the station we met Aleksey’s wonderful girlfriend who was also on her way to St. Petersburg and so we could take the same train.


It was a really nice ride, as the train wasn’t fully booked, and I was able to get some hours of sleep and gain energy for the next day in the Venice of the north.
Coming up is the first day in St. Pete. See ya later!




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