The Short Story Of Boris At The Perm City Punk


Hi! My name is Boris, I am from the beautiful city Perm in Russia, and I like to drink! This Saturday, I was at the Perm City Punk festival.

I am not really interested in the bands, but I like all sorts of alcohol, and at the festival, they had some
of it there!


I especially like the 2,5 litres and 5 litres plastic bottles of beer!


Actually, it was a little exhausting to get to the festival as we had to walk through the woods to finally get to the secret place.


Yet, the never-ending source of alcohol there made up for everything. Have I already told you I like drinking?


Sometimes I take short breaks to gain new power for a second round.


When I drink, I like to dance and take off some clothes, even though it’s damn cold!



And I am totally into people sandwiching me when I am naked!


I totally enjoyed the day at the festival! I actually did not perceive many of the bands actively, but Komatoes is my favourite band and I really loved their set!


People were dancing like crazy, but I rather keep drinking!
That’s it from me!
See you all next year in Perm!


Yours, Boris.


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