The City Of Perm And The Salty Ears


Hallo Everybody,
We arrived in Perm after an 10-hour train ride. As we opened the window it was kinda fresh this time. And I don’t know if I get used to Russian public transportation but it was a comfortable ride.
Misha and Max picked us up from the train station. Misha is a unique punk rock guy from Perm and also has a great band called the Wild Rover. He is a really nice and funny person, and I really enjoyed the time with him. Max is from a city close to Ufa, sorry buddy, I forgot the name. He drove 8 hours in a bus to come to the shows in Perm which is awesome!
Both of them brought us to Misha’s and Natasha’s flat. We ate pasta and relaxed for a while.


After that Natasha and Max showed us some parts of the beautiful city of Perm.


As you already know, I am a sucker for cities by the river, and so it was easy to fall in love with Perm.
Max and Natash also showed us some pretty obscure things. For example this bat mobile made of old car tires.


And of course the Perminator:


A funny sight, where every tourist in Perm must take a photo is the salty ears thing. Here is Aleksey:


The show in the evening at the Custom House went great, and I had the best time! The Wild Rover are true local heroes, and the dj set of Max and Misha was also awesome!
This is it for today. Coming up is the photo drink story of a guy called Boris! Be sure to check that!
Hanky thanky to Mish for taking care of business in the kindest manner, Max and Natasha for showing us around, and everyone who showed up at the custom house. You made this show an amazing evening for me!
Thanks so, so much!


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