Thank God For Sanifair And A Short Trip Through Kirov


Dear You,
I am not having proper internet now, so I try to keep it short this time.
It took us 10 hours of bus-driving to get to Kirov. Here are some advices to better not do while driving the bus in Russia. Better don’t drink that much, don’t eat that much and better don’t get diarrhea. The toilets, if you may call them that, are holes in the ground, covered with wood and shit. And by shit, I mean shit. I wanted to take a photo but couldn’t step into this wooden hell! At least now I know one reason for Aleksey not eating that much during the rides.
Our driver was really careful. However, it was funny to see him smoking and calling people during the ride. When you see some of the roads in Russia, you might think they are working on a movie set for filming a movie that takes place on the moon.
After ten hours moon riding we arrived in Kirov, where Kristina, the girl friend of Sasha picked us up from the bus station.
We had to go straight to the location to play! The place was a great rehearsal room for some punk bands. I set up outside and played directly after a ten-hour bus ride.
Right after the show Sasha and Kristina showed us the beautiful city of Kirov. You know, I always dig cities by the river!
As Aleksey and me had a really short night ahead of us, we went to Sasha’s and Kristina’s great place. We ate some the delicious vegan curry Kristina prepared for us!
In this pic you can see us posing with faces the Russian way, haha!
After a short night and a sweet vegan chocolate cake for breakfast we had to catch the train at 5 o’clock!
Ok, here is the delicious cake!
I hope to be able to post some stories of Perm tomorrow!
Our biggest thanks go to Sasha, Kristina and everyone who showed up at the show!
More to come from this super fun trip through this incredible country of the people with warm hearts.


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