The EEDC, The Incredible People Of Vladimir And The First Show


As the drive to Vladimir took us longer than we thought, I tried to take a nap on board. However, our driver, Sasha by name, took part in the EEDC. Yeah, you don’t know what that is? Me neither, until I got on the car. EEDC stands for Eastern European Drift Championship! Sasha really is a calm person but I tell ya this, he drives like the devil! Overtaking on the right lane wasn’t something special but rather the ordinary thing to do. And when the police overtook us during a traffic jam, he stayed on their back like glue. If you drove like that in Germany, they would sentence you to death, I guess..
Anyway, we drifted safely to Vladimir, and after two local bands and a quick meal, I played the first concert on Russian ground.
The show went really well because the people here were so damn nice! I can’t put my gratefulness into words. Thanks so much to everyone for coming out and Pavel for putting up the show!
In the picture you can see some of the great people of Vladimir, we were so sad, we couldn’t stay here with you:

Because after the concert we really had to hurry to catch our night train. Pavel and two friends of him drove us three hours through the forests of Russia, and except the mosquitoes, this was an incredibly beautiful ride! To see the moon coming up over the Russian forest was an awesome sight.
We took some wrong turns, but there was no one who wanted to steal our organs or anything. So we made it to the night train in time.
Night trains in Russia are a unique experience as well, but I am going to write about that and our stay in Kazan next time!
By the way, this is the golden gate of Vladimir. It is the only one remaining of former five gates. And it was golden some time ago, Hehe.
Hopefully, I am going to post something later today, or tonight.
For now, spasiba, Vladimir!!


4 thoughts on “The EEDC, The Incredible People Of Vladimir And The First Show

    1. Hey misha!
      Thank you so much for coming out! It was a great evening for me. My first show in Russia and with so many wonderful people! Say hello to everyone please,

  1. Thanx a lot!!! It was awesome show and i didn’t even hoped what it will so cool. For us it was nice experience to make such an acoustic show. And I hope someday you’ll visit out town with whole band.

    1. Dear Pavel,
      Thanks for your kind words!
      I talk to the band as soon as I am back. Anyway, I will be coming back someday!
      all the best, Zeki

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