Kazan, The Capital Of The Tartans


Dear Reader,
Aleksey and me are lying in bed as I am writing this. We had the the greatest day today, thanks to Kirill, his girlfriend Asiye and all the nice people of Kazan!
But let’s start with the night train.


In the picture you can see my bed. I think it is a very special experience to be on a night train in Russia. Sleeping was very hard in the truest sense of the word and when Aleksey woke me up at 8 o’clock, I couldn’t find my cell phone! However, down there, on another bed, there was a phone that looked like a copy of mine. So I asked that boy on the bed, if that probably was my phone, and he gave it back to me instantly. Must be funny to wake up to a new cell phone lying next to you.
One more thing about the train was the air, or better the lack of it. It was crazy hot! Now I know how chicken in mass breeding feel, and if I hadn’t been vegan already, I would have at least turned vegetarian after that cage ride.
When we arrived in also crazy hot Kazan, Kirill was already waiting for us. He brought us to his beautiful place where he live with his wonderful girlfriend, Asiye. She already prepared the meal which was amazing! Take a look:


After Kirill showed us the beautiful city of Kazan, we ate again. Looky, looky:


And again:


The hospitality that awaited Aleksey and me was inindescribable!
By the way, Kazan is the capital of the Tartans and there are more mosques than churches in this city. One you can see here:


And to be fair, here is a church:


Kirill said, it was something like the boss church. Hehe.
Ah, and of course, Kazan is a student city, as you have the second oldest university here. In this picture you can see a typical student of Kazan University, Hehe:


After eating and sight-seeing, it was time to go to the show! There were three bands from Kazan. First there was Konstantin, a great singer and guitarist. He also has a one man band called Tigers Always Win. Second was Karagiev Smokes Virginia, a great band from this city! Up next was Materit, a really cool punk band, that is also playing the Perm festival! See you guys there..
Last up were me and my guitar. It is amazing, how nice and quiet everyone was! The show went pretty well and the people seemed to like it much.
One more thing, the people are incredibly grateful for you to come out there and play in their city! If the people from Berlin showed just a little glimpse of this gratefulness, Berlin would still be shitty, but a little better at least, haha.
So, I need to sleep now, as tomorrow is gonna be a long day again. We are off to Kirov by bus and I think it’s also going to be quite an adventure!
One final thank you to all the people who showed up in Kazan and stayed until the last word was sung! Thank you so much!


In the picture are Kirill and me by the Kazan river.
Good night!

P.s.: here is a picture of the kopeka the cat of Asiye and Kirill and the breakfast they made! Thank you so, so much! I am going to show you Berlin in October!



4 thoughts on “Kazan, The Capital Of The Tartans

  1. give perm a huge hug from me and greet everyone I might know and the people who might remember wewillfly!
    the trains are quite a good way to get in touch with the russian people, of course you have to dink a lot vodka besides and you shouldn’t be afraid of narrow and tight rooms 🙂
    dude, have a nice trip and enjoy every second!!

    1. Hey Paul!
      thanks soooo much for everything! It was a great, if short time in Vladimir. I hope that I can stay longer, when I am coming next time.
      And Yeah, I am gonna say hello to everyone.
      Big hug from Perm!

  2. Thank you very much for the concert, both in Kazan and Perm! I hope you’re not in Perm, very cold! You’re a wonderful person and a great musician! Come to us again!
    Sergei (in points) from the group materique (our name was transferred to you as a continent, remember)

    1. Hey man! of course I remember you! Your show in Perm was soooo great! I really loved it.
      hope to see you soon.
      love, Zeki

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