It Was A Great Evening That I Was Born!

Hey Everyone,

Now she’s lying there like nothing ever happened and who can blame her?! Actually I forgot to take photos of the evening of the first show and so there is not even proof but the one in our heads… So, if anyone took any photos, please feel free to drop me a line: zeki_f3@gmx.de I would love to have one or two photos of the birth of LOOK MUM, NO HANDS! If not, it’s also fine to have the memory in our heads.

I would love to say thank you to Basti, for putting up this little concert, Nick and the VEGO for best ever hospitality, greatest food included!! And of course to everyone who came out yesterday, I know it was an awkward day for a show, however it was great evening, and I had such a great time. Nick and I talked about repeating it some other occasion and I hope it will be before Basti is going to the US.

So, if you have any photos, just let me know, and I hope to see you again soon. Ahhhh, and by the way, I posted some Russia-dates on the “shows”-site. There are two dates that are TBA, which means if you wanna put up something, feel free to do it!

All the best,



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