First Show And I Am Going To Russia!

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going right now!

First thing is that LOOK MUM, NO HANDS! is gonna play the first show this Friday in Berlin. It’s going down at the Vego-Foodworld at 20h. Vego-Foodworld is a great vegan (fast-food) restaurant, and I am looking forward to good food and my first show ever at a very special place!!

Furthermore, I booked the flights to Russia! Plus, last Friday I was at the Russian Embassy to apply for my visa. I hope everything is going well with the application and I can start my trip to Russia on July 2nd as planned. I have to say the greatest thank you to Dima for taking care of business and everything!! Can’t really put into words how grateful I am, I am sorry for that! Another incredible fact is that Aleksey, the owner of Angry Chuck Records, who put out all our Driftwood stuff in Russia, is going to join me on the trip! I am so looking forward to all this!

Later this week, or early next week, I’m putting up the exact dates for the tour. Please check back soon.

Ah, and on the picture you can see the very first LOOK MUM, NO HANDS! bag. There was a children’s festival in a neighboring street and you could paint your own bag. So my girlfriend and me made a LOOK MUM, NO HANDS! bag, hehe.

Please be sure to check back by the end of the week for further information on the tour and stuff!

Oh, and you can follow this Blog somewhere on this very website, this will keep you updated on new posts and stuff!!! As I won’t put up a facebook-page, this will be the best (as it is the only) way to stay in touch.

All the best,


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