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Hi Everybody!! Hello Russia!

(photo by Dima Kovalev)

Hi there,

this is LOOK MUM, NO HANDS! Actually it’s just me, Zeki Min, the singer/songwriter of bands like F-THREE and THE DRIFTWOOD FAIRYTALES, thinking of doing some solo acoustic shows. As it would be strange to use the bandname, I thought of giving it a new one. History shows, I am kinda good at choosing stupid bandnames, so here is the baddest of the worst: LOOK MUM, NO HANDS!

This is not considered to be a side project or anything, I simply love to play some shows, when the rest of the band can’t make it.

I am putting up some pictures and music soon. Hope to be able to put up a video as well. Please don’t be pushed away by the dilletanteish look of the website. I am doing everything myself. Which is good, as I can put up new things immediately. This is going to come to life very soon, I promise!

Right now, we are booking the first shows. For the progress, you can take a look at the shows-site on this very website. Actually, I am planning to go to Russia for 11 days by the beginning of July!! At the moment Dima is booking some shows, and I think I will book the flights next week. Dima, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!! I can’t say how grateful I am.

Please check back for further updates on the exact dates and locations soon.

For now, all the best from Berlin, Germany.



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