Köln – Why I Do This

Dear You, After an incredible breakfast Jenny made for Commie and me, we were headed straight to Cologne. I left Commie to get home, it was so great meeting you again my friend.  When I arrived at Stephan’s and Maike’s wonderful flat it was that early, I honestly didn’t feel like playing a show. But as all their really nice friends arrived and we had … Continue reading Köln – Why I Do This


Dortmund, a Wonderful Evening at Lauru’s and Linda’s! 

Hi You! Yesterday was a culinary wonder day! First Ben made some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had, then he showed me some of the best falaffel I’ve ever had and when we arrived and Lauru’s place, we got a super good Asian bowl!  In a music shop we tried a tiny PA and I’m so tempted to buy one, damn it! I’m a … Continue reading Dortmund, a Wonderful Evening at Lauru’s and Linda’s! 


Recording Pre-Production in Hamburg

Hiya Everyone, I’ve just arrived back in the country after spending a day out in the city to record some demos for my upcoming third album. And the great thing is that Christian Bendel, the most gifted photographer I know, was there with Loki, Julia, Kay and me. So we have some incredibly beautiful black and white photographies of today. Here they all are, I … Continue reading Recording Pre-Production in Hamburg


Hello 2017 – First Shows This Year

Hi Everyone! My first shows this year I will be playing with the wonderful Gunnar Vosgröne on Cello. Here are the dates: 13.01.17 KIEL – Schaubude 14.01.17 ITZEHOE – JUZ Am Holzkamp Come by and have a good time. Maybe I’ll be playing electric guitar as well. I don’t really know yet. I have just started playing my Telecaster again after about 4 years of … Continue reading Hello 2017 – First Shows This Year


Berlin – Last Day And An Old Friend

Hi everyone, After having a great breakfast with Patzer, thank you for your enormous hospitality by the way, we made our way to this monster of a city, called Berlin.  Probably the coolest thing ever was that Aleksey, who travelled with me through Russia in 2012, flew in from St. Petersburg to see the show. It was so great to see you again! You’re a … Continue reading Berlin – Last Day And An Old Friend


Leipzig – The Beauty in the East

Hi You! I don’t have much time to write anything today. So, I wanna say thank you to Marius, Paul, Maria and everyone at the Conne Island for helping with the show. Plus, everyone who came out, we had a wonderful day and evening in this beautiful city. From an objective point of view, this is such a beautiful city, I love it.   Here … Continue reading Leipzig – The Beauty in the East