SHINER Is Out Now + New Video + TOUR

Hi everyone!  I’m here to celebrate the birth of my second album SHINER. Here is a new video for the song: A Million Good Things I’m also happy to announce my first tour of 2016:  11.03.16 BRAUNSCHWEIG – Couch21 20.03.16 NORDERNEY – Norderneyer Brauhaus 25.03.16 HAMELN – Wohnzimmer w/ Stumfol 26.03.16 MEPPEN – Manatee Shows Meppen w/ Stumfol 27.03.16 DUISBURG – Krümelküche w/ Stumfol 28.03.16 DÜSSELDORF – … Continue reading SHINER Is Out Now + New Video + TOUR


SHINER Record Release Partys Pt. II

Wow, wow, wow! Magdeburg and Berlin were the SH!!!T. I mean really, I had a wonderful time with so many wonderful and beautiful people! It was just an incredible weekend and I was especially happy to share the stage with Urte (cello) and Makke (guitar). Here are some impressions: However, now we’re getting serious here! This weekend I’ll be playing two EXCLUSIVE shows with THE … Continue reading SHINER Record Release Partys Pt. II


SHINER – Record Release Partys / Part I

Hi You! This Friday I’m off to one of my favourite cities, MAGDEBURG! I’ll be playing the first of four SHINER Record Release Partys during the next two weekends. So happy to see all the nice people again! On Saturday I’ll be in this big sh!th@le called BERLIN! I’m psyched to see all my old friends and to celebrate the second SHINER Record Release this … Continue reading SHINER – Record Release Partys / Part I


Alive and Standing

   Thank you all for the good wishes. I’m alive. It’s hard to believe after the incident from Trier. However, the pain killers worked and here we go again. Grandpa-Style but we’re moving.  The last two rides are short, so the back should be fine for now.  Heidelberg is one of my favorite towns to be, it’s just very beautiful!  Her are some impressions of … Continue reading Alive and Standing


Wine For Punks And 10 People In Vienna

   Hi!  I’m on tour again and as I’m up early, as always, instead of instagramming, I’ve decided to write something here.  The start of the tour in Volkach was incredibly nice with a host like Hubi you can’t go wrong! Hubi burns for the shows he’s putting up and I’ve rarely seen a promoter so happy and laughing all the time. It was a … Continue reading Wine For Punks And 10 People In Vienna


M & M 

Dear reader,  I’m just writing very quickly to let you know I’m in Münster today. I’ll be playing the Hafen-Viertel-Fest or something. Last night’s walk was very productive already.             Last weekend I played the Sinnlichkeit Festival in Magdeburg. And damn, this place. It’s just impossible to put into words what it’s like. You just have to promise me to go there while it’s … Continue reading M & M