First Mix And Watering The Phone

Hi Everone,  I’ve become a bit lazy writing here, I know. And I sincerely apologize for that but there are just so many other cool things to do but spending time on the Internet. Haha.   Just wanted to give a quick update on the recording of the new album and other funky stuff.  So, first things first, the recording was so, so, soooooo much fun! … Continue reading First Mix And Watering The Phone


Recording Is Finished & The New Look

Dear Reader, Right at the time when I finished the recording of my upcoming debut “MAJESTIC”, I also gave my website a new look. I hope you like the summery colors. I also think it’s much clearer now, with more things on first sight. PLUS, I also added a small music player, where you can listen to my music. The first song on it is … Continue reading Recording Is Finished & The New Look


Recording, Concerts And The Last Hornet

Hi There, I am in the midst of recording my first solo album. Hadl and me try to use every free minute that both of us share to record guitars and vocals. I thank Hadl so much for doing this, as I know it’s very exhausting to record an album while having a full-time job… At the moment we are doing guitars and I hope … Continue reading Recording, Concerts And The Last Hornet

Studio Day Two and Another Show

Dear You, Yesterday Rich, Hadl and me recorded the last four songs with a full band for the album. Next week I’ll be meeting up with Hadl to record additional vocals and four more songs. I am so curious about the come out! At the moment I am thinking about how to put the album. I don’t know yet if I can afford a vinyl … Continue reading Studio Day Two and Another Show

Files Saved

Dear Reader, Good news! The files of our three recorded songs were saved. I am very happy about it. And I hope we can go our with our recording next weekend. This video of a Menzingers-cover is all I have for now: Maybe I’ll be recording some overdubs during the week. Plus, I sent Henri and Gunnar the first song for trying some stuff on … Continue reading Files Saved