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The Last Tour

Dear Reader, I'm here in Freiburg sitting on my mattress for last night thinking about the last days of this tour. I'm so grateful for every moment that I experienced! I just wanna day thank you to each and every person who put up a show, let me sleep on their sofa, mattress, kitchen floor,… Continue reading The Last Tour

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Berlin – Last Day And An Old Friend

Hi everyone, After having a great breakfast with Patzer, thank you for your enormous hospitality by the way, we made our way to this monster of a city, called Berlin.  Probably the coolest thing ever was that Aleksey, who travelled with me through Russia in 2012, flew in from St. Petersburg to see the show.… Continue reading Berlin – Last Day And An Old Friend

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“MAJESTIC” Tour Diary Entry No. 5: Dortmund, Cologne And Hameln

Shattered windows, ruins of houses, closed shops, broken people smiling all along, The northern part of Dortmund resembles Berlin's Neukölln, But without all the hype, artists and students. And you know what, I like you much more than Berlin. You're still listening to vinyl? “Black Plastic” is the place to go,  To be, To hang… Continue reading “MAJESTIC” Tour Diary Entry No. 5: Dortmund, Cologne And Hameln

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Denmaaaark – Copenhagen to Aalborg

Tourist tip no. 1: Lose your city map! The canvas for Denmark is not empty at all, As I've been here before, There are mighty midgets and Stars burning stripes. Let's see what will be added to this already colorful painting. Yet, all is grey still, Because the rain followed me from Bremen to Copenhagen,… Continue reading Denmaaaark – Copenhagen to Aalborg

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Oxford – A Beautiful Village

Up the street, Down the street, This town's a village, And I love it already! Bricks and bricks and even more bricks, Christian bookshops, Where I spent no money, Students are taking over, They are the blood running through the city's veins. The Magic Cafe, A gorgeous place, Vegetarian food at its best, Hope to… Continue reading Oxford – A Beautiful Village

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Plymouth – Our Home For Today

Oh, I needed the sleep, And got what I needed, Sam's sofa is as comfy as the green grass in the park at Walthamstow Central, And here I lie, Don't sleep, don't sleep, All your belongings are this backpack, And so I don't sleep. Change of plans, Not in London tonight, But in Plymouth, Not… Continue reading Plymouth – Our Home For Today