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The Last Tour

Dear Reader,

I’m here in Freiburg sitting on my mattress for last night thinking about the last days of this tour. I’m so grateful for every moment that I experienced! I just wanna day thank you to each and every person who put up a show, let me sleep on their sofa, mattress, kitchen floor, everyone who came out and talked to me, who bought a piece of music of mine, and everyone who shared a smile and a laugh, you make this worth it! I wouldn’t be in the position to do this without y’all! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart: Ole and the Rotenburg Villa, Julius, Gunnar, Joy Boy, Max, Schaubude Kiel, Torben, Henri, Hannah, Steffi, Stefan, Freies Radio Neumünster, KDW Neumünster, Jessica, Andi, Eric, Nicole, Till, Hanny, Maren, Jette, Lüder, Coco, Müllernkontor, Chami, Chris, Hanni, Laura, Frieder, Elena, Linda, everyone at VIA Offenburg, Benni, Sophie, Xenosophie, Jakob, Lajos, Ronja, Ben, KuCa Freiburg, Danny, Gabbo, Darius, Jakob, and everyone I forgot, you know who you are! Much obliged!!!

Here are some impressions from the last days:

Today I’m off to the last show of this run, which is the last run before a longer break from concerts. The show will be in Kisslegg and I’m really looking forward to this!

I hope you all go through life with an open heart!

Peace and love, Zeki


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