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Shows with The Regicide Orchestra and a Long Break

Dear Reader,

I’m writing to inform you about something very special today. My next shows I’ll be accompanied by The Regicide Orchestra. Usually, I play solo, but every two years or so I have the real pleasure to be playing with some incredibly gifted and enjoyable human beings. Now is this time again!

So, the next 5 shows I won’t be alone, Julius, Gunnar, Commie and me will be playing for you together.

Here are the dates:

09.05.18 ARPKE – Jugendtreff Hinterhof

10.05.18 BEIERSTEDT – Gartensaal Fam. Müller

11.05.18 FLENSBURG – Volksbad

12.05.18 BREMEN – Bürgerhaus Weserterrassen

13.05.18 WORPSWEDE – Galerie Schott

After these dear-to-my-heart shows, I’ll be on the road some more until autumn gently falls. From then on, I won’t be playing any shows for about a year or so. There will be more important things going on in this house…

So I hope you drop by for one of the last shows until autumn 2019.

Check the concert section on the website for details. I’ll be updating those dates for summer as well.

Be well and share the love of the moment! Ah, here’s a new video:

A big hug to you,

Zeki Min


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