The Shiner-Tour So Far

Hi You!

I know you shouldn’t count your chicken before they’re hatched, but this tour has been so great so far. I don’t wanna give you a day to day diary entry here but show you some photos Chris STUMFOL and me have taken, plus some others took of us. But before that, I really would like to thank everyone who put up a show for us, let us sleep in their apartment or house, cooked great meals and just came to the shows and was being nice to us! Each day we met wonderful people and had the greatest food prepared for us! It’s just incredible! We both said, we’ve possible never eaten that well in a week. Thank you all so much for showing us so much love! This means a world to us both! 

Vegan Muffins in Meppen by Rieke!  
Sightseeing with Tobi in Hameln. Chris?!

Practice with the one and only Gunnar.

Cat and Chris. 

Meppen Show.   
After Show party in Meppen. 

The importance of being Earnest. 

New car. 



Gunnar watching Chris play.   

Love from the Krümelküche. 

Show in Meppen.    
March Table. 

I won’t forget a single thing. 

Daniel and the Native American in Karlatadt.   

Cafe Denkmal. 

Being happy. 

Beautiful house in Karlstadt.   

We wandered up to the ruins of the Karlsburg. 


We are a vegan frozen Yogurt!  

The view over Karlstadt. 

Always busy.   

Little door.   
More old houses. 

Mett hedgehog in Hameln. Vegan of course.   

Chocolate Kebab in Stuttgart. 

Hameln, first show. 

Good Bye Chris!
From now on Complaints will be joining me on the last two concerts of the tour. 

See you in 

Langenau and Kißlegg!

I Am Nothing – Zeki Min


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