The Moon

Hi You! 

I haven’t written something here in a short while. But after experiencing this, I just felt the urge to do so again. 

Here are some impressions of Norderney. The atmosphere and depth of the nothingness is really hard to capture with a phone camera. But still, I hope these photos inspire you to go on an adventure every once in a while. 

While we were on Norderney, it was cloudy almost all the time. However, when we decided to go on a trip to east end of the island, the cloud blanket broke open and the sun showed. It was simply beautiful. 

Here are some photos: 


There is no filter or anything added here. It’s just the beautiful nothingness of the moment.   
  In the swamps.   
Waiting for the flood. 

Oh Deer. 

The evening I spent at the Norderneyer Brauhaus playing a show to very nice folks! I had a wonderful time! 

Next week I’ll be on tour with my brothers Stumfol and Complaints! I’m looking forward to this new adventure: 

See you there! 

– Zeki Min 

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