SHINER Is Out Now + New Video + TOUR

Hi everyone! 

I’m here to celebrate the birth of my second album SHINER. Here is a new video for the song:

A Million Good Things

I’m also happy to announce my first tour of 2016: 

11.03.16 BRAUNSCHWEIG – Couch21

20.03.16 NORDERNEY – Norderneyer Brauhaus

25.03.16 HAMELN – Wohnzimmer w/ Stumfol

26.03.16 MEPPEN – Manatee Shows Meppen w/ Stumfol

27.03.16 DUISBURG – Krümelküche w/ Stumfol

28.03.16 DÜSSELDORF – Butze w/ Stumfol

29.03.16 BEVERUNGEN – Wohnzimmer w/ Stumfol

30.03.16 KARLSTADT – Café Denk Mal w/ Stumfol

31.03.16 STUTTGART – 1. Stock w/ Stumfol

01.04.16 KIßLEGG – Wohngruppe 2 w/ Complaints

02.04.16 LANGENAU – Kafé Kanne w/ Complaints

Come by, sing and hum with me! 

– Zeki Min

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