SHINER Record Release Partys Pt. II

Wow, wow, wow!

Magdeburg and Berlin were the SH!!!T. I mean really, I had a wonderful time with so many wonderful and beautiful people! It was just an incredible weekend and I was especially happy to share the stage with Urte (cello) and Makke (guitar). Here are some impressions:

IMG_3268IMG_3294IMG_3287IMG_3289IMG_3293IMG_3288IMG_3266DSC08276However, now we’re getting serious here! This weekend I’ll be playing two EXCLUSIVE shows with THE BLACK ORCHESTRA, so SHINER will be performed how we recorded it. It’s a great coincidence that all my favourite musicians really could make it and play these two shows with me. I feel blessed and am looking forward to these two shows more than to any shows before! So, here are the dates:

18.12.15 BREMEN – Tor 13 (@Güterbahnhof – beim Handelsmuseum 9)

19.12.15 ARPKE – Juz Treff Hinterhof 

So here are all the four songs that I’ve already put out for your listening pleasure:

Out In The Wild:

Everything’s Collapsing:

We’re Off To New Shores:

Nothing But The Truth:

Big hug,

Zeki Min

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