Alive and Standing

Thank you all for the good wishes. I’m alive. It’s hard to believe after the incident from Trier. However, the pain killers worked and here we go again. Grandpa-Style but we’re moving. 

The last two rides are short, so the back should be fine for now. 

Heidelberg is one of my favorite towns to be, it’s just very beautiful! 

Her are some impressions of Adam and me walking around the city:

The show in Heidelberg was special as I was on stage at about 2:20 am. Still I had a lot of fun and I wanna say thank you to Nico for the great sound! 

A big hug and huge thanks to Stolzi for putting up the show and everyone else who helped at the Villa Nachttanz. The Villa is an awesome and unique place, you must visit when you’re around the Heidelberg area. 

See you all next year! 

We’re off to Saarwellingen to play the Holzwurm. This’ll be our last show of the tour. 

Big hug,

Zeki Min

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