Wine For Punks And 10 People In Vienna


I’m on tour again and as I’m up early, as always, instead of instagramming, I’ve decided to write something here. 

The start of the tour in Volkach was incredibly nice with a host like Hubi you can’t go wrong! Hubi burns for the shows he’s putting up and I’ve rarely seen a promoter so happy and laughing all the time. It was a pleasure meeting you!

I actually wanted to pick up Adam and Amelie, his wife, at the station in Volkach but we only said, pick up at Volkach, nothing more. Not when, not where exactly, not very smart. However, Amelie and Adam managed to get to the club on their own while I was at a wine tasting with Markus Müller at his very own winery. This guy is like Hubi for wine. He burns for this thing and even as a guy not drinking alcohol, it was very interesting and informative to get the tour through his very own winery. Look here are some photos:

With me were the three guys from Nathalie Gross from Sweden. They also played amongst 7 other bands and, I think 5 other songwriters on the festival. There were two stages, so there were hardly any breaks in between the sets. 

I really love to thank Hubi and everyone else who organized the show! I felt home immediately. 

Next up was Vienna. Yeah, 600 kilometers but Adam and me had a lot to talk about. It was great to see he knows some of my favorite artists personally. We had a very relaxed drive. I wanna say sorry to Amelie as we had these musicians’ talk over the whole ride and I think it wasn’t very interesting for her. 

The Polkadot is a beautiful bar in Vienna owned by the incredibly hospitable Mary. They had their one year anniversary the day before and on Sunday only 7 people watched the show. I still had a good time because the people really seemed to enjoy it. 

Today we’re off to Timelkam after a quick radio recording for the open channel of Vienna. 

Ah, I’ve posted the first single of my new album here: 

Thanks for stopping by and reading, it means a lot! 

– Zeki Min

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