I Sure Like The Internet

I’m a lazy, lazy man. I’m so sorry. It’s not like there’s nothing going on and all, nope. There are a hell of a lotta things happening all the time and I just don’t feel like sharing them all, that’s all. 

Having said this, there are a lot of things I do like to share but I just don’t find the time. There are just so many good things out there in the “real” world, damn. 

So here we go! 

1. I’m going on tour again. I’m really psyched on the tour with Adam Rubenstein: 

Before the tour I’ll be playing these two dates: 

09.10.15 BRAUNSCHWEIG – Couch 21 

15.10.15 OTTERSBERG – Bahnhof 

I’m looking forward to being on the road again and meeting some old friends and hopefully making many new ones! 

2. My record completely done is has just been forwarded to the press for making it. I couldn’t be more happy with it! It’s gonna be called SHINER and will be released this winter on Gunner Records. There will be more news concerning the record when I’m back from the tour! 

3. I’ve made some new bags in he likes of the bags I made for Russia some years ago. This is the first batch and Julia and me had great fun painting them. This is diy! 

I’m happy, happy, happy! 

Big hug – Zeki Min 

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