Hitting The Road Again!

So, here we go again, finally. It’s been a month without a concert. I was digging up some free time to take care of the cover artwork and the mixes of the new record. However there wasn’t an actual need for that as Kay and Pasha are taking care of business right there. My friend from Hamburg is working at the final mixes right now and my friend from Perm, Russia is putting together the artwork of the album. Thank you guys so much!

I’ve already packed my bags for I’m touring with Franz Nicolay next week. This is very special to me as he was part in a hell of a lot of greatly inspiring records from bands like Against Me!, The Hold Steady and World Inferno Friendship Society. I’m really looking forward to meeting him and playing the following shows together:

28.07. Braunschweig – B 58

29.07. Kiel – Schaubude 

30.07. Meppen – JAM

After these shows I’ll be going south to meet one of my best road buds, Chris Stumfol! It’s always been too long and I’m looking forward to see Chris, Daniel and Tim again. 

31.07. Mössingen – umsonst & draussen 

Take care of yourselves and each other!

– Zeki

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