Just recently… 

Hi everyone,

It’s been a month since I’ve posted the last time, so a lot of things happened.

Firstly, here are some photos from the Münster and Bremen shows with Commie Complaints and Julius travels & trunks.  
  Then I spent some time in Tuscany, Italy. Here are some impressions from a nice trip.


Back in Germany I found a beautiful wall, many nice faces in the strangest places and Kay and me did some more recording for my new album! Oh, I’m a happy boy because it sounds so super duper to me already. To me it’s the best piece of music I’ve been involved in.

In the next weeks I’ll be playing some shows with the wonderful Franz Nicolay. I’m really looking forward to meeting him as he played in some bands that mean a lot to me, like the Hold Steady, the World Inferno Friendship Society and Against Me! !

So, check the shows page for the next concerts and hopefully see you soonish!!!

– Zeki Min

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