“MAJESTIC” Tour Diary Entry No. 5: Dortmund, Cologne And Hameln

Shattered windows, ruins of houses, closed shops, broken people smiling all along,

The northern part of Dortmund resembles Berlin’s Neukölln,

But without all the hype, artists and students.

And you know what, I like you much more than Berlin.

DSC05052 DSC05038

You’re still listening to vinyl?

“Black Plastic” is the place to go, 

To be,

To hang out and to make new friends.

DSC05034 DSC05036

Vegan ice-scream right next door,

But there is more,

One thing you have to walk 10 minutes for,

And that is the “Kartoffel-Lord”.

DSC05060 DSC05054

Tim, aka. Eastends, started the show,

Great feeling for music and melodies,

Keep an eye on that guy,

I sure will.

DSC05044 DSC05050 DSC05049 DSC05046

So many beautiful and pleasant people,

And yet I gotta say,

Elli, the small Mrs.,

Was my favourite that day.


I played the show and it was great fun,

The stereo was loud and I used the mike,

Still have to get used to it,

But I am learning.


The “Black Plastic” sure is prepared for bigger acts,

Take a look here,

I just need these two channels,

One for the strings, one for the words.


Julius, aka. Travels And Trunks was the last to play,

And all these nice people of course they stayed,

And they were rewarded with a great show,

But even later, no one would go home.

DSC05061 DSC05069 DSC05074 DSC05075 DSC05055

Not seen it all,

How can I in one day?

But seen enough,

To know I’d love to come back someday…

Thanks to the BLACK PLASTIC, Lucas and Valentin, Julius and Tim!!!


They say people are nice in Cologne,

And yeah, people are nice in Cologne,

I mean each and every person that crossed our ways,

Was easy to get along with, it’s hard to believe.

DSC05080 DSC05081 DSC05086 DSC05088 DSC05091 DSC05090

Eli and Büffel prepared our meal,

Handmade french fries were ready to be served,

When we sat outsides and enjoyed the sun,

People were smiling when they were driving by.

DSC05095 DSC05085

Club Scheisse, Club Privat, Aetherblissement,

This place has many names and none of them fits,

It’s just one of the best places to be,

Go there, when you are in Cologne.

DSC05099 DSC05102 DSC05107

Great concerts and festivals close by,

produced a small, selected crowd that night,

And I have to say that’s exactly what I like,

Playing for people who are there for the music.

Big hug to Büffel, Eli, everyone else who helped, and Marvin and his girlfriend, who came all the way from Münster!


Hameln, the last stop,

Sixteen days behind me,

One to go.


Due to the Rat Catcher’s work, and even more,

Because of the people at the Freiraum,

This city is a beautiful place!


The rain came pouring,

We had to run for cover,

And yet, made it back in time.

DSC05121 DSC05122

Nicole made great food,

I ate three plates,

And after the show they served vegan marriage cakes.



Just a few came out to see us tonight,

And as I already said,

That’s more than alright.

DSC05127 DSC05128 DSC05129 DSC05133

It’s sad,

Laura had to go before we started,

But see you next time for the living room party!

Keep up the good work at Freiraum Hameln – Laura, Nicole, Tobi and all the rest!!!

This is the end,

Or is it not?

Got wi-fi at home now,

And my planning goes on,

For Autumn and Winter,

I’m looking for shows,

So, if you know a place I should go,

Just drop me a line and let me know!



Thanks to everyone who came out on these hot summer nights to watch me play! It was a great honor playing for you!!!

See you soon,

– Zeki Min

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