Münster Heart

Bremen And Münster – LISTEN TO “MAJESTIC”

Münster HeartBremen is the place where I am originally from. We picked probably one of the worst days in the year to play the Gondi, a lovely place! However, the temperature barely climbs higher than 30 degrees in Bremen and today it did. We watched the Badeinsel-Regatta on the Weser. 


Yet it was just too hot to stay outside, so we decided to go to a museum. They had some fun stuff there:SAMSUNGAfter our time off, we had to go to the Gondi, one of Bremen’s nicest pubs. The concert went pretty well and it was the last one where Sammy and me shared the stage. It was sad to say goodbye! 

Bremen - Gondi 2Bremen - Gondi

A big hug and thank you to Valentina and Jan, who made sure, Sammy and me had a great last day on our joint adventure.

On the next day I drove to Münster to play the SpecOps alone. OK, almost alone. 

Münster - SpecOps Live Münster - SpecOps

The next days, I’ll be traveling again: 

23.07.14 ROTENBURG – Villa

24.07.14 DORTMUND – Black Plastic 

25.07.14 KÖLN – Club Privat

26.07.14 HAMELN – Freiraum

By the way, you can finally have a listen to the whole album by following this link: 


Big hug,

Zeki Min

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