A Krazy Klock In Kassel And Some More Photos Of Arpke And Magdeburg

cropped-md.jpgDear Reader,

After playing two incredible shows in Magdeburg and Arpke, Kassel was yet another unbelievable concert! Pelle and Nici made great food and invited all their friends. The bar “Anne Ecke” is great and the owner, Anne, of course, is also awesome! The people attending the show were so quiet, I could hear myself breathing during the show… Thank you so much, it was amazing! 

When Sammy and me arrived in Kassel, we made a Krazy Klock with our “Majestic-Tour” Photo. Here are some impressions: 


Here are some more photos of our last gigs in Arpke (Eike – http://www.photopirat.de)


Florian Kolbe (Magdeburg):

800_7685 800_7666 800_7663

cropped-magdeburg-live.jpg MD cropped-md.jpg Magdeburg-live 20140711-_DSC2527 20140711-_DSC2533 20140711-_DSC2542 20140711-_DSC2547 20140711-_DSC2525 20140711-_DSC2571 20140711-_DSC2567 20140711-_DSC2564 20140711-_DSC2556Magdeburg-live MDThank you for the beautiful photos!!!

Our next dates are: 

15.07.14 WOLFSBURG – Jugendhaus OST

16.07.14 KIEL – Schaubude

17.07.14 ITZEHOE – Lauschbar

18.07.14 EMDEN – Grusewsky

19.07.14 BREMEN – Gondi

20.07.14 MÜNSTER – SpecOps

23.07.14 ROTENBURG – Villa

24.07.14 DORTMUND – Black Plastic 

25.07.14 KÖLN – Club Privat

26.07.14 HAMELN – Freiraum

See you here and there,

– Zeki Min

AAAAhhhh: One photo, I almost forgot about! Taken in Arpke with a timer with Philipp and Kathi, where we slept in Hannover: 

Anhang 2

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