One, Two, Three! – First Three Days Of The “MAJESTIC” – Tour



Sammy and me started from Berlin to Döbeln on Thursday.There was a lot of police but they were kind of cute and nice to us. It was great meeting Stefan and talking to him. We also slept at his super cozy flat in Leipzig and he prepared the perfect breakfast! Thank you so much, buddy!!!


The show at the Café Courage did not go that well as people were concerned mostly with other things than watching us play. But that’s alrighty. 

On the next day we met up with Marius and Aiko and went for a great vegan ice cream at Braker’s in Leipzig. We also visited the Conne Island and watched some punks skate. It was a great day in a beautiful city. 

After walking around in Leipzig for a while, we drove to Magdeburg. 

DSC04879It’s hard to put into words and impossible to capture on camera how great the location and the people were!!! Unbelievable! I want to say thank you to Andi, Fort12 and the Buttonbeats-Crew. It was an amazing evening and we met so many awesome people like Tim Gerrits. The only tiny turn-off was, that the show got stopped by the police as we were “too loud” and it was just “too dangerous” for the people to stay there… What evs, it was a great evening and all the bands and artists had their share of play-time at least! 

Here are some impressions: 

DSC04906 DSC04896 DSC04901 DSC04903 DSC04888 DSC04893

After the show we hung out at the location for a bit and then went to Andi’s place to rest. It was a memorable evening and night! Thanks to everyone who contributed.

DSC04913 DSC04914 DSC04918 DSC04923

On the next day we went to one of the greatest places in the world, which is Arpke. 

I think anyone who has ever read about Arpke here, knows how much I love this place. Plummie had his 29th birthday there, fly cat fly had their first show there and the whole evening was just awesome!!! Thank you so, so much!!!! 

DSC04930 DSC04933After the show we went to Philipps and Katis place to sleep. We talked to Philipp until deep in the night and he and his girlfriend have an amazing collection of music! Their flat is also damn beautiful. For breakfast Philipp made us porridge, actually right now. That’s why I gotta go now, I’m sorry. 

DSC04936 DSC04938Best regards, 

– Zeki Min

Our next dates are: 

13.07.14 KASSEL – Anne Ecke

15.07.14 WOLFSBURG – Jugendhaus OST

16.07.14 KIEL – Schaubude

17.07.14 ITZEHOE – Lauschbar

18.07.14 EMDEN – Grusewsky

19.07.14 BREMEN – Gondi

20.07.14 MÜNSTER – SpecOps

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