Holidays in Bremen – The Last Days Of 2013

Dear Reader,

Here are some photos I’ve taken during my stay in Bremen.

At the moment I am recording some vocals for the album. It’s taking more and more form and I really dig the stuff I’ve heard by now. Hadl is doing a great job as always!! Thanks so much, buddy!

“Büffel and Torte in the Schnoor”


“City Hall at night”DSC02989

“The Dome”DSC02991

“DJ Stylewarz, Ferris MC and Saprize – Bremen Hip Hop at the Schlachthof”DSC02997

“Julia and Büffel at sunrise”DSC03006

“Jonas playing Billard”DSC03046

“Midnight at New Year’s”DSC03059

“Midnight at New Year’s II”DSC03061

“Midnight at New Year’s III” DSC03062

“Kids’ Fun”DSC03069

“Lüder in Worpswede”DSC03079

“Loki breathes new year’s air”DSC03081

“At night in Bremen”DSC03094

“The Family”IMGP3077

“Portrait of me, taken by my sister”IMGP3101

“Portait of Loki and me, taken by my sister”IMGP3105

Wish you all the best for this year!

– Zeki Min


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