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Hey hey,

The last four days with Chris were great!! In Berlin we played the Ramones Museum and it was nice to have such a good mix of people in the audience. From age 15 tip 81 and it seemed like we all had a great time! It was sad that Flo couldn’t make it due to a double date, but hopefully next time..

On Saturday we drove to Arpke. I’ve told Julia and Chris a lot about this unknown place near Braunschweig and I think they instantly fell in love with the Hinterhof as well. Tilmann-Tigeryouth was also overwhelmed by the great food and the incredible kindness of everyone!! Tobi and the others put sofas in the concert room for the listeners to crash on and to create a comfy atmosphere. Watching Chris and Tilmann play was so damn great! The concert was just beautiful. Here are some photos from Arpke:

“Closed eyes and gothic piano”800_9166

“The Crew after the show”800_9216

“Joana and Tilmann in the chill-out lounge”DSC02730

“Chris and Tilmann happy”DSC02737

“Chris and gnocci”DSC02741

“Chris on stage”DSC02747

“Tilmann aka. Tigeryouth in front of stage”DSC02751

“Feet ambiance Arpke”DSC02753

“Gay Tigeryouth and a train”DSC02760

“The solitary life of a singer-songwriter”DSC02764

In the night after the show we drove to my parent’s place in Bremen. In the morning we made a short sight-seeing trip through Bremen with Chris.

After the trip we went to Hamburg and I promised Chris a nice harbor view while driving into the city but I just couldn’t find the right way. So Chris, you need to be back soonish! After a weekend of protests and party and work, everyone was so dam tired. However, thank you all for still coming out! To me the acoustic-sofa-sitback-concert was a nice match for the whole feel if the day. I wanna thank Yannig, Chris and everyone who helped and made vegan cakes!!! It was a delicious Sunday evening.

“Chris riding the pigs in Bremen”DSC02771

“Foot ambiance in Bremen”DSC02778

“Father Christmas in Bremen”DSC02782

“Foot ambiance in Bremen II”DSC02783

“Under the make-a-wish star in Bremen”DSC02794

“Preparing the cakes”DSC02801

“Talk the Talk”DSC02803

“Peter likes cake”DSC02806

“The Listeners”DSC02810

On Monday morning we made our way to Wassenberg with a short break in Mönchengladbach. All Chris needs is cafe, french fries and a beer every once in a while. We bought some last-minute Christmas presents as well.

Arriving in Wassenberg we met at Felix’ and Annette’s place. They made great dinner for us and made us feel very welcome from the first minute on.

The show was a very different experience to the very quiet audiences the last nights, but that was OK as well. There were a lot of people at the Bucanero and most of them haven’t seen in a while, so there was a lot to talk about.. We still had a great time but could still feel the lack of sleep of the last days in our bones.

Thanks so much to everyone who still listened to the musicians that night!

I wanna thank Flo and the crew of Ramones Museum, Tobi, Jan and the whole Hinterhof crew, Yannig, Horrorbiz-Chris and everyone who helped, and Felix, Annette, David and everyone at the Bucanero!



“Foot Ambiance Mönchengladbach”DSC02824



“Wassenberg home”DSC02836

“Breakfast in the evening”DSC02852

“Felix and David”DSC02884

“The Stage and me”DSC02891

“Kings in Nappies”DSC02915

“Feet and cables”DSC02916

“Queens in Nappies”DSC02918


“Live at the Bucanero”DSC02936

“Happy feet in Wassenberg”DSC02949

“Sleeping On The Stage after the show”DSC02951

“Six feet for a Halleluja”DSC02957

“Chris’ new café bottle”DSC02958

Wish you all great last days of 2013!!!

- Zeki Min